Myter om flerspråkighet – nr 1 (maj) i Magasinet SMUL

There are always many myths about things about things, things you ”know” is true. The Facebook group ” Swedish as their mother tongue abroad ”(SMOOTH), we find again and again post that” our child’s teacher says that we should not speak our native language with the child, but the ambient language, ”” my child is late century, the neighborhood blaming multilingualism ”.

Every time I hear or read that makes me so sad, because it’s not so, but it’s usually ignorance that leads to such statements. Therefore, we take the magazine SMOOTH here some of the most common myths. These have already been published in my book ” I love Swedish ”(Isaberg publishing in 2013), here in slightly modified form.

Read the rest of this article on multilingualism myths on page 8-9 in  number 1 of SMOOTH Magazine .

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